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Draw Stroke Clinic
Course Fee 80 per person.
Accommodation NOT INCLUDED
Location/Venue Canal.
Talybont on Usk
Course Duration 12.30am-6.00pm
Media Provided Pictures on request
Kayak Equipment We provide white water kayaks, Dry cags, Wetsuits, Carbon paddles, Helmets, Neoprene spray decks and Bouancy aids.
Maximum Places 6 Available

Draw on the move
Sculling for position
Static draw box
Combination hanging draw
Draw support

Breaking down the Sideways stroke into parts and putting back togethe,r through correct repetition and practice routines to go away and improve. Desgined to make your day of learning ti improve your kayaking strokes, a relaxing stress free experience.

canoe Start Meeting
12.30am -1.30pm
Having a brew and meeting other paddlers on the course, relax and breifing thew training ahead.
Afternoon Practice Gear up
- 1.30pm -2.30pm
classroom session in full kit, a breakdown of the stroke on the whiteboard and with video and photographes

camping Training block

Warmup training and stroke breakdown
camping Training block Application practice
Kayak stroke combinations and variarty of postions for resulting movement sideways
5.00pm - 6pm
Talk about your next moves, discuss practiceroutines from photos and vedio recored on the day, and move forward with your kayaking goals.

COURSES » Kayaking Stroke Clinic : Moving Sideways :
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