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Kayak Rolling - Pool Course
Course Fee 60 per person.
Location River Camp
Your Ability Have experience kayaking and have completed river trips
Maximum Places 4 Available

Start 12.00 Pm RIVER Camp
Classroom 1hr Breifing Technique
INDOOR POOL TIME 2hrs kayak Roll Training
Classroom 1hr De-Breifing
Finish 4.00 pm Leave Pool

A great outdoor activity weekend in Wales kayaking

The weekend provides 2 days of training and fun on the water learning to paddle a kayak for the first time. Starting with calm flat water sessions to build your confidence, then progressing towards a short trip with some gentle rapids.

The introduction weekend is a great way to discover or try kayaking. The first day will give you time to get to grips with the boat and all the equipment used to make kayaking a fun and safe outdoor activity. Under the guidance of an experienced coach, the weekend will provide you with practice time to learn some boat control. We aim to help with the frustration of learning to paddle forward and provide comfortable modern kayaking equipment.

Course Content

white water introduction Equipement
rolling Stability
rolling Capsize Drill
Forward paddling
Moving sideways
novice River features


River Camping

"Experience kayaking, an active outdoor watersport " - Dan

canoe Day one - Kayaking skills

Sat Night Campfire stories BBQ River Bank
Day two - The River

Rolling a kayak improves your confidence.

The kayak roll is one of the more tricky maneuvers to master, and may take regular training sessions. Rolling will become a very important part to advancing your kayaking skills. We understand paddlers fears or concerns and have a patient style to improving your skills.

This course is great for improving your confidence and support strokes highlighting a stable paddling position. The rolling technique can be a big leap in your learning, it is important you understand the actions required for a good effective roll, without putting strain on your body.

We do not say you will roll on the day, as all paddlers learn at their own pace. Breaking the kayak roll down into small sessions we use a simple method of teaching the roll and will tailor the training to suit your ability. This rolling course is great to improve your confidence upside down in a kayak and understand how to paddle more balanced and support yourself effectively.

Course Content

white water introduction Confidence
Dynamic Brace
Body Movements
Finish Position
Rolling Mistakes

You Need to Bring

white water introduction Suitable base layer
white water introduction Nose Plug
Full Kayaking Gear

"Its a memorable feeling rolling a kayak for the first time " - Dan

canoe Meeting - 10.00am - Breifing

Meeting at the river camp. The morning session is all about learning theroy and steps behind the roll and support strokes. Looking at the Dynamic low brace, practice routines and application.. Understanding stability is the first steps to learning a good roll and helping your kayaking confidence

Pool Session - Rolling / Practice
In the afternoon we travel to the indoor pool. Working on 3 main stages and getting the right parts of the body working to roll the kayak. We use video feedback in the pool to help you fault find your roll
The rolling process takes time to undersatand and complete. We will discuss your next steps and outline your progression.
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