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Kayaking River Skills

Kayaking River Skills Courses

Glasbury on Wye, Wales | River Trip
Spring, Summer and Autumn March » December

Moving on from the introduction courses we improve your skills on the river. We believe in safety and awareness and will break down the paddling techniques used on white water. Using grade one flows on the river Wye that has proved to be an excellent training location to begin your development as a white water river paddler.The course will cover foundation skills in Confidence, control and safety when paddlig a kayak in the moving river environment.

You will also need to begin to think like a white warter paddler and learn how to descend a river in a team and learn the correct skills, trip planning, safety drills and equipment you should carry. We aim to give you a taste of river kayaking and set you up to practice and improve your knowledge.
Course Content

Turning strokes
Ferry Gliding

Edge control
Rescue Skills
Trip planning

Day course » BOOKING/DATES

An day introduction to kayaking skills on a Grade I moving river, You will learn how to identify basic features and strokes control your kayak during a short fun river trip. The course covers trip planning and equipment together with an over view of safety techniques and practice drills. We will go over foundation turning with edge control skills and paddle combinations. Looking at the stern rudder, draw on the move, bow rudder, support strokes and conbinations. You will go away with some flat water practice routines and a better understand of the moving river.
Weekend Sat/Sun Course » BOOKING/DATES

Run over the Saturday and Sunday this 2 day course allows you to build on the first day. An introduction to river skills at Grade I, With an extra day to improve your skills. More practice time and recapping of the conbination strokes. Another river trip will give you time to improve on awareness, planning, rescue skills, tactics, positioning, timing and confidence.
Mid week five day Course » BOOKING/DATES

Spread over the week we begin Looking in more detail of at river features, improving on ferry gliding techniques, accuracy, moving around the eddies using teamwork and accurate positioning, Each day will focus on a new ascept of becoming a safe river kayaker. A mid week pool session will take your first look at the kayak rolling skils and improve confidence upside down in a kayak. We also look into move detail with river rescue skills, including the deep water rescue, throw lines, T rescue, boat recovery and paddlers recovery. New paddle combinations will be shown in small training sessions and broken down into steps and practice routines.

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