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Beginner course for your first time in a kayak. A fun challenging activity
River Skills
An introduction to the river at features using grade 1 moving water. river trip and skills course
Kayak Rolling
Indoor rolling and confidence swimming pool sessions and open water Blade support strokes
White Water
First time and improver white water grade II/III skills courses
BCU Star Awards
Canoe wales star award training and assessment courses.
Kayaking Holidays
Weekend and Mid week kayak holidays in Wales, England and Europe.

Client Course Feedback


River Skills


Dan Thanks for posting the photo's. I'd like to thank you for your attention, guidance, humor and patience last week in making my Introduction to river paddling such a fantastic and worthwhile experience. I really enjoyed the week and I now have a firm foundation of both stroke/active paddle fundamentals and correct attitude that will form the basis of my steady progress to grade II and beyond. We had a great laugh too! Thanks again and I'll see you on the next course.


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Kayaking Introduction Courses for Beginners
River Wye Glasbury | Brecon and Monmouth Canal
Spring and Summer March » October

Anyone can give kayaking a go for the first time. An active outdoor recreational hobby and sport. We use white water river running kayaks and they can be very responsive and tricky to control as a beginner. There are many paddle techniques and skills to learn and improve. Our introduction courses are a fun challenge and help you learn the skills to be in control and confident.

Your First experience in a kayak is important. We want to make sure you enjoy it, feel confident and gain control of your boat.

You will need time to get your balance although the kayaks are very stable if fitting correctly and you have an active posture. Important safety drills will be taught to make your kayaking experience a fun, enjoyable time. We aim in give you a taste of kayaking and increase your knowledge of the sport. We take great pleasure in helping you enjoy kayaking and giving you a feal for a great recreational hobby.

Main Course Content

Forward paddling
Sideways Draw

River Skills



Kayaking Taster Day |» BOOKING/INFO

Price: £80 per person One day

The day begins at 9.30am meeting up for a chat and a coffee. After the briefing you will be given your equipment to use and get changed into. Using wetsuits and all the correct safety gear, buoyancy aids, helmets and cags. Before you get onto the water we will explain the fundamental safety drills and introduce you to the paddle. Foundation skills for stopping, turning and paddling forward will be shown to you in simple step by step training sessions. After a luanch break the afternoon recaps on the skills and gives you move practice time to improve. A relaxing fun and challenging day outdoors learning to paddle a kayak for the first time as a novice.

Novice weekend |» BOOKING/INFO
Price: £140 per person Two days

The first day will introduce you to control skills and equipment for kayaking. The second day is about a taste of river skills and a trip down the river Wye. With 2 days you get to practice and improve control of the kayak and experience a river trip or further flat water training. As a beginner this gives you the chance to really get a taste of kayaking and help you decide if its a new hobby or sport for you.

Introduction beginner week |» BOOKING/INFO

Price: £300 per person Five days

The course will really get you going in the sport of kayaking. We aim to show you control skills, practice routines and let you experience several fun river trips. With the five days of training you can get a sense of improvement and enjoyment over the week. Extra skills with turning, paddling forward and river experience. A great active outdoor holiday in Wales.
canal introduction

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Gear & Advice
Some advice to help you get starting in kayaking. We also recommend gear you need.

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