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An introduction to the river at features using grade 1 moving water. river trip and skills course
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Indoor rolling and confidence swimming pool sessions and open water Blade support strokes
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First time and improver white water grade II/III skills courses
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Client Course Feedback


River Skills


Dan Thanks for posting the photo's. I'd like to thank you for your attention, guidance, humor and patience last week in making my Introduction to river paddling such a fantastic and worthwhile experience. I really enjoyed the week and I now have a firm foundation of both stroke/active paddle fundamentals and correct attitude that will form the basis of my steady progress to grade II and beyond. We had a great laugh too! Thanks again and I'll see you on the next course.


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Kayak Rolling & Support Strokes

Swimming pool | Flat water
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

The kayak rolling skill is a combination of several key points and stages. Our courses will break down the roll and focus on the key elements to help you understand the technique.

If you are new to the rolling or have been having problems with your existing roll, this course if for you. We understand paddlers fears or concerns and have a patient style to improving your skills. Improving your confidence, support strokes and highlighting a stable paddling position.

We also believe in you understanding and trusting your support strokes. Low brace and High Brace skills will be covered.
Course Content

Low Brace
High Brace
Capsize Drills

Rolling Steps

How to roll a kayak?
Rolling a kayak adds a huge amount of confidence to your kayaking. The kayak roll is one of the more tricky maneuvers to master, and may take regular training sessions to progress. Start with being relaxed underwater and break the roll down into 3 steps. We teach the sweep roll using minimal blade pressure and torso rotation from setup position to the finish position and next stroke.

Swimming pool Session » BOOKING/DATES
Price: £50 per person Course limited to 4 spaces.

Meeting for a coffee and a chat about the skills we then move to the pool location and spend 2hrs breaking down the roll. At the end you will understand the roll and know exactly how to improve or correct your roll. A personal debriefing will wrap up the day course.

Rolling and Support » BOOKING/DATES
Price: £80 per person Course limited to 4 spaces. 

A morning session out on the river, helping you to understand and have confidence in your support strokes. Known as the Low and High brace we will break these two techniques down so you can really believe in them. you will be shown practice routines and application of the strokes. You will leave with a good understanding and a new love of blade support. the morning session will warm you up for the afternoon rolling in the pool. During the pool session we will put the technique together and work on your individual roll.

Swimming Pool
Practice rescues, support strokes or tune your roll in a heated indoor swimming pool, This will help your confidence beginning with relaxing upside down the aim of the session is for you to understand more about the rolling technique and that you can fault find your own roll to help you progress. The rolling technique can be a big leap in your learning, it is important you understand the actions required for a good roll, with the instructor right next to the boat you can feel the actions required. We use video feedback in the pool to help you find common problems with your roll.

Support Strokes
Feeling stable and in control on the river is important. Known as the Low and High brace we will break these two techniques down so you can really believe in them. you will be shown practice routines and application of the support strokes and effectively using your blade.. You will leave with a good understanding and a new love of blade support. .Our courses cover a stable positive paddling position and you will Learn how to use your blade and body effectively. It is important to understand when a support stroke is used to stay balanced and in control around river features.

Kayak Rolling
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